Sturgeon caviar is a delicacy that is highly valued for its exquisite taste and texture. When serving, it is often accompanied by a special spoon - a mother-of-pearl spoon.

What is a Mother-of-Pearl Spoon?

A mother-of-pearl spoon is a type of serving spoon traditionally used for sturgeon caviar. These spoons are made from the inner shell of mollusks and are highly valued for their smooth and non-reactive properties, making them an ideal choice for serving delicate and valuable dishes.


Why Use a Mother-of-Pearl Spoon for Sturgeon Caviar?

There are several reasons why it is recommended to use a mother-of-pearl spoon when serving sturgeon caviar.

mother-of-pearl spoons

Non-Reactive Qualities

Metal spoons can be reactive, meaning they can interact with the caviar and potentially change its flavor and color. Mother-of-pearl spoons, on the other hand, are completely inert and will not react with caviar in any way. This helps ensure that the caviar retains its delicate and unique flavor.

Gentle on the Caviar

Mother-of-pearl spoons are also gentle on the caviar. Metal spoons can be rough, causing the caviar to lose its shape and texture. Mother-of-pearl spoons are smooth and delicate, allowing you to scoop up caviar without damaging it.

Aesthetically Pleasing

In addition to their functional qualities, mother-of-pearl spoons are also aesthetically pleasing. The iridescent quality of the spoon complements the delicate and luxurious nature of the caviar, creating an elegant and sophisticated presentation.

Helps Maintain Optimal Temperature

Metal spoons can conduct heat, which can cause the caviar to heat up and potentially spoil. Mother-of-pearl spoons, on the other hand, do not conduct heat, meaning they do not affect the temperature of the caviar. This helps keep the caviar at the optimum serving temperature.

Prevents Sticking

Mother-of-pearl spoons are naturally slippery, so the caviar slides off the spoon easily. This can help ensure that each piece of caviar is clean and there are no leftover caviar left on the spoon.


The elegant and sophisticated character of mother-of-pearl spoons highlights the sumptuous and refined character of this dish, allowing you to fully enjoy the taste and texture of the caviar, helping to create a special and memorable dining experience. Enjoy your meal!

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One thought on “Why do we need pearl spoons for caviar?

  1. seoworkl says:

    Thank you for the article.

    It was a revelation for me to learn that caviar is best eaten with a mother-of-pearl spoon.

    Of course, I don’t think the taste will change much as I bring the spoonful of caviar to my mouth. But the experience is interesting, and it certainly looks beautiful on the table and is pleasant to perceive.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find such a spoon on your website.
    To be more precise, the spoon comes with the 8.4/5 oz jar, but I purchased the 1 oz jar.

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