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Caviar extravaganza set


Caviar Imperial Osetra 4.4/5 oz (125g)


Caviar Imperial Osetra 8.4/5 oz (250g)


Caviar Imperial Osetra 1.1 oz (30g)


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Caviar Imperial Osetra is a premium grade caviar made from the roe of matured Osetra sturgeon. This delicacy has a distinct flavor profile, boasting a buttery and nutty taste with hints of sea salt. The eggs have a medium size, with a firm texture and a dark brown color. Caviar Imperial Osetra is highly prized and considered one of the finest caviars in the world, commanding high prices in the luxury food market. It is typically served chilled and enjoyed as a garnish or on its own with toast points or blinis, paired with Champagne or a dry white wine.